Pets fill many roles in the lives of their owners. They’re our friends and indeed our little brothers that sometimes show us some special love. Pets like dogs and cats need our attention and care. They need not only to be fed, walked, and trained, their safety must be considered too. You need to love them and always look after their safety. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider purchasing a dog license as part of showing some love and care for your pet.

A Pet’s Ticket Home

One of the best ways to find your lost pet’s way home is to wear it a collar with a valid license tag. Every day, thousands of lost or abandoned dogs and cats end up in animal shelters. They return dirty, tired and scared. Moreover, many of them have collars, but without a license tag. And without a tag, shelter workers have almost no way of knowing who owns the pet.

According to the American Humane Association, about 10 million pets are lost or stolen each year in the United States of America. Over 6 million of these cats and dogs end up in national animal shelters. Sadly, statistics show that only 16% of dogs and about 2% of lost cats (out of 6 million) reunite with their owners.

A license is an effective means of assisting in the safe return of a lost dog.

Registering for a pet license today is as important to the pet owners as it is to the local animal welfare in order to provide pet owners with improved tags, free pet grooming service, and lots of information about pet care in their area.

Unfortunately, compliance with pet licensing requirements is still low in many of the US municipalities due to lack of awareness, pressure, incentives and /or enforcement. Staff are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, compliance and increase revenue wherever possible. Therefore, PetLicense.Online offers its services in pet licensing.

In the market today, we know there are many offers on pet registration software. This makes us acknowledge and respect our competitors. And that is why we analyzed each of them, took all their most valuable, considered all the disadvantages and made our own product. We made our offers to include the benefits to gain from our main allies and competitors.


  • Mission: Creating a safe and happy home for every pet. The main goal of DocuPet is to ensure a safe and happy home for every pet in North America. They do this by providing innovative pet licensing solutions to communities and shelters. DocuPet also ensures that pet owners will find licenses as valuable as their local animal welfare services.
  • Features: The DocuPet solution combines the interface for pet owners and a comprehensive server platform for administrators. The latter include shelter staff, animal welfare officers and government officials.
  • Differences: Despite the numerous similarities to this software, unlike PetLicense.Online, DocuPet doesn’t have a mobile app. Because of this, it’s difficult for users to use this service. 

Animal ID

  • Mission: Software to make a more responsible pet owner, keeping animals safer, and making life better. The software combines the simple pet identification and registration tools to tackle homeless pets, and illegal puppy trade. It’s a special software to improve the care of pets. The Animal ID app declares its ambition to be a one-stop solution for organizing health and basic needs data for all furry friends. It includes a special Animal ID Care Diary.
  • Features: Animal ID is an international platform for responsible pet owners to identify and register cats and dogs on a global database; store and maintain animal medical records; help return lost pets back home; and plan veterinarian visits.
  • Differences: Animal ID is made for mostly pet owners. We have expanded our functionality and are focused on cooperation, and municipalities and not only on end users.


  • Mission: With GovPilot pet licensing software, there will never be a hustle at the City Hall. GovPilot ranks among the leading digital transformation softwares for local governments. Its cloud platform enables local governments to leverage their potential by standardizing, digitizing and integrating multiple operational and service process components into a single system.
  • Features: GovPilot allows pet owners to register their dogs and cats with local authorities from the comfort of their home. The system collects license fees directly through a digital form on the website. Pet licensing creates a database for animal control inspectors. This, in turn, contains vaccination records and owner’s contact information in case the dog or cat is lost.
  • Differences: This software is mainly for municipalities. PetLicense.Online, unlike GovPilot, provides convenient services in registering licenses for pets, the pet owners and not only for town Bylaw Officers. In addition, we offer more favorable payment terms: no annual fee and a standard 10% charge per permit regardless of the size of the municipality.

National Animal Identification Center

  • Mission: Be ready to give the most important gift you can give to your pet – safety. Therefore, register the microchip of your pet today. The National Animal Identification Center is the oldest pet identification company (Established in 1974) in the United States. It provides protection for pets and helps keep them safe and healthy.
  • Features: The software has an extensive database to locate pets with the aid of over 50,000 veterinarians and animal workers. The National Animal Identification Center provides affordable and easy services to all its members.
  • Differences: We’ve considered all the features and advantages of The National Animal Identification Center software then made a system for registering pets licenses that are more user-friendly and convenient to use (including by creating an app).

Animal Trac Software

  • Mission: It’s one of the best Record Keeping Systems for managing Farms, Kennels, and Ranches that are geared toward people who are not computer experts. Animal Trac Software is a fully customizable software, designed for registrars and breeding organizations. It helps to keep records of registered animals of any kind and its owner(s). It also assists in creating registration certificates and pedigrees.
  • Features: The software offers several versions for different purposes. Special editions are available for most animals, including dogs. The system comprises an inventory of animals as well as health and service records.
  • Differences: Our goal is to be modern and keep up with the times. Therefore, we have carefully worked out the usability of our software such that the design and functionality of PetLicense.Online differs greatly from Animal Trac Software. In addition, we are useful, not only for pet owners, but also for municipalities.


  • Mission: PetData wants to make animal licensing easier for your community! The software provides animal licensing services for municipalities and animal welfare agencies throughout the United States of America. This company strives to provide its customers with a first-class and cost-effective service, to know that PetData is highly committed to their licensing program.
  • Features: PetData operates a successful animal licensing program. In this way, the software lightens the burden placed on municipalities. With proper licensing, PetData wants to reduce the number of animals entering shelters, and thus eliminate the costs associated with caring for and feeding these licensed animals.
  • Differences: PetData is a closed community for its clients. To know more information than is posted on their website, you need to use their services. PetLicense.Online, in turn, is an open system for everyone who is interested and wants to register a license for their pet.

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