Did you know that up to 60% of local funding for animal welfare comes from the sale of licenses? Did you know the percentage of pet owners who comply with mandatory registration laws? Only 13%! This is an extremely sad statistic. Therefore, on the modern market, special software, which aimed at increasing the sales of licenses for dogs and cats, began to appear.The developers are trying their best to get the attention of pet owners;to make an ordinary dog ​​owner, a responsible person who understands why he needs to register his chubby friend and renew his license annually.

DocuPet: history and mission

In 2013, the DocuPet software developers launched their program on the market. The founder of the software aimed at increasing license sales, and as a result, he worked closely with local communities and animal shelters.Also, another goal was to reduce the time that animals would spend in shelters.

How did the software developers plan to draw attention to the licensing problem? It’s simple. They improved pet tags and offered free related grooming services to dog and cat owners.

DocuPet’s mission is to make pet licensing a joy for pet owners, and an important source of funding for animal welfare services. Therefore, upgrading the entire licensing system will help ensure safety for every dog ​​or cat.

What do they offer the pet owners?

  1. Improved and modernized tags: The designers tried to make them attractive. In addition, one side always contains up-to-date contact information about the pet owner.
  2. Easy registration: You can register a pet directly using the software. The developers promise ease of use, where each owner can easily download all the necessary documentation, pet photos and check the verification status.
  3. HomeSafe:  a special service for lost pets.

What do they offer the administrators?

  1. Comprehensive server platform for administrators: The service is expected to be convenient for shelter staff, government and animal welfare officers. With DocuPet, any municipality has access to real-time pet data and licenses from any device. The main thing is access to the Internet.
  2. An intuitive search tool for administrators to perform cross-field searches and view vaccination statuses, licenses, and renewal history. There is also a built-in option to detect duplicate accounts.
  3. Convenient reporting and finance tools: Dedicated built-in sales, performance and financial reports provide all the information you need to run and optimize your pet licensing programs. In particular, this data is on slices and cubes in three main areas: supplier contribution, revenue and sales, and overall program performance.

Docupet alternatives

It’s been over 10 years since the creation of the software. During this time, a lot has changed, including many developers who have appeared, to offer something new; something improved, advanced and revolutionary. We’ve put together a few programs that can be great alternatives to DocuPet.


This software has carefully studied all the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, and analyzed every software that is used for registration and licensing of pets. Although this is a very young software, and yet, it can compete with dignity in the market.

First, Petliscnese.online studied the feedback from DocuPet users. And the main reasons for dissatisfaction were:

Petliscnese.online has examined all the above feedbacks, and offers a service:

  • With no annual cost (just 10% per license)
  • Round the clock online applications and license payments
  • Convenient, user-friendly and modern Mobile App

This software is aimed mainly at municipalities, as the fundamental mission of its developers is to maximize the involvement of pet owners in the licensing problem, increase municipal revenue, reduce administrative, financial and logistical staff time and get lost pets home as soon as possible.


FRONTLINE developers have created a special pet registration module — a secure online database. In it, each user can freely create a record for registered pets. This software has given up on offline tables. They offer all the information you need in one place.

It’s a great alternative to DocuPet being used by administrative employees. The developers have thought out a user-friendly interface that allows you to:

  • manage the data of all pets registered in the department (according to basic information: rabies tag number, license number, name of the owner, breed, pet name, color, address and phone number of the owner)
  • quickly have access to contact information in one click (more detailed information about pets and their owners appears on the pop-up page)
  • add a pet to the system so easily by clicking on the “Add” button
  • easily filter out when  searching for pets that have disappeared (for this, you just need to check or uncheck the checkbox on the list)
  • make sorting of found / lost dogs and cats in the database for instant and accurate results

We’ve reviewed two(2) alternative softwares that are used by municipalities for convenient and high-quality registration of pets. If we talk about alternatives to DocuPet as an application for owners of cats and dogs, then among them we can also name Animal ID, ZooEasy, and National Animal Identification Center.

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