Acquiring a pet license is an important way of showing love to our pets. It’s also an excellent approach to actively support local pets in need. If fewer animals end up in shelters, critical resources are reserved for the dogs and cats who need them the most. That’s why nowadays special animal registration softwares exists.

Correct license tags can help reduce the time spent in shelters. They also devote all the necessary resources to vulnerable animals and the dedicated staff who serve them. Also, on-the-fly access to licensing information means instant access to current rabies vaccination records.

It is vital to use a special animal registration software that has a customized online registration experience for licensees, with a secure backend system designed for easy administration. The market offers several solutions. Some of them are for the pet owners and some even help municipalities administer a pet licensing system.

5 Best Animal Registration Softwares

1. DocuPet

DocuPet partnered with local shelters and communities to decrease workload, increase pet license sales, and build programs that reduce shelter stays. This software helps ensure pet owners understand their selected license type and associated expiration date while offering a simple way to upload the necessary documents and verify its review status.

Where? United States | Canada.

For who? For municipality administrators | pet owners.


  • Each tag comes equipped with our free HomeSafe™ lost pet service
  • 20% of every tag purchase is donated to local animal shelters
  • Pet’s tag is automatically linked to a secure online profile 
  • Easy Registration
  • Intuitively linked profiles
  • Available 24/7
  • Excellent solution for large municipalities with dedicated staff



2. PetLicense.Online is a software that helps with easy registration and/or renewal of pet permits for residents. A dedicated web page for residents communicating about the benefit of licensing their pets increases compliance. PetLicense.Online increases municipal revenue, reduces staff time and gets lost pets home, as soon as possible. Getting started on PetLicense.Online is free. In fact, the software is  more ideal for smaller municipalities needing an efficient solution. Whereas, for example, DocuPet is a more robust solution for larger municipalities with dedicated staff, is not.

Where? United States | Canada.

For who? For pet owners | municipality administrators | Veterinarian or Humane Society.


  • Automatic Renewals
  • Reporting Dashboard 
  • External Agents Access
  • No Annual Cost
  • 24/7 online applications and license payments
  • Phone and In-person Licenses
  • User-friendly Mobile App
  • Ideal solution for small municipalities needing an efficient solution


  • Better designed and suitable for municipality administrators only

3. Animal ID

It is an international full-service pet-centric software platform for responsible dogs and cats owners. Animal ID helps pet owners keep animals safe through ID tags. The platform creates unique QR pet ID tags that allow pet owners to track and retrieve their animals in case their animals wander off.

Where? US | Ukraine | Russia.

For who? For pet owners.


  • There is a possibility to get free account
  • Animal’s medical card and different docs in one place
  • Special calendar, diary and reminders
  • Lost pet alert
  • Dealing with both pet’s tag and Microchip ID
  • User-friendly Mobile App


4. Animal*Trac Software

Animal*Trac Software is a Record Keeping System for managing Ranches, Farms, Kennels or a group of pets. The “Registry” is a completely customizable software product used by Registrars and Breed Organizations, to maintain records of registered animals and owners and to produce registration certificates and pedigrees.  

Where? US.

For who? For farms | ranches | kennels | pet owners.


  • All screens operate the same, so there is a fast learning curve
  • Producing Health Transcripts
  • Maintaining Breeding records
  • Tracking different species on the same program using the Animal Type Code


  • There is no Mobile App
  • Outdated and old-fashioned software interface
  • Unattractive and nonuser-friendly website with poor usability

5. ZooEasy

ZooEasy is good for registering  all kinds of animals. It’s created for everyone  who wants to keep track of every information about his/her pet and find it quickly. ZooEasy is also the animal pedigree software for responsible breeders. 

Where? Worldwide.

For who? For associations and organizations | pet owners | breeders.


  • Helps to improve breeding results
  • There is a possibility to save  test results and vet visits online 
  • Registration for contests and contacts
  • The central database is protected from unwanted access
  • There is a possibility of  getting a free account


  • Poorly responsive support service system(absence of 24/7 online support)
  • No online pet license system
  • There is no Mobile App

Remember that licensing fees provide much-needed funding to municipalities. Hence, important community initiatives, as well as animal welfare organizations, rely on the funds provided by pet licenses to support their programm.

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