Free Up Staff Time

With PetLicense’s Online 24×7 license registration and renewal process it will free up administrative, financial and logistical staff time.

Improve Compliance

PetLicense.Online will assist Municipal Staff with a communication strategy which along with the easy to use online process will increase compliance.

Increase Revenue

With PetLilcense’s no annual fee pricing structure, increased compliance and improved efficiency you will be certain to positively impact the budget.

How We Can Help

Here is how PetLicense.Online can quickly help your municipality administer a world class pet licensing system.

No Annual Cost

Our budget friendly pricing model works with municipalities of any size. Simple pricing of 10%/permit results in an expected net revenue increase for municipalities.

24×7 Online Licenses

Residents can apply for and pay for licenses online 24×7.

Automatic Renewals

Increase convenience for residents and revenue for the town by allowing automatic renewals of pet licenses.

Dedicated Webpage

Each Municipality is a little unique, we can customize your site to communicate with your residents.

Reporting Dashboard

Stay current and produce reports easily seeing everything that is happening in your municipality when it comes to Pet Licensing.

External Agents Access

Veterinarians and the Humane Society can have special access to the app to allow for the ability to search for information on animals and register them.

Phone Licenses

Residents and Staff can call our toll free number to register their pet online.

In Person Licenses

Staff accounts allow for the taking of in person registrations for residents who are not comfortable with the website, app or phone..

Mobile App

Coming soon!

Our Simple Pricing…

No Annual Fee10% per License

With our no annual fee and a standard 10% charge per permit regardless of the size of your municipality PetLicense.Online provides a world class pet licensing experience affordable for all municipalities.

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Town Staff

Admin access for town staff, finance and bylaw enables them to see a detailed reporting dashboard, enter manual licenses and reconcile all payments easily. The marketing materials provided will make the job of the communications team easier than ever.

Pet Owner

Registering or renewing a pet permit will have never been this easy for residents. A dedicated web page for your residents communicating the benefit of licensing their pets increases compliance.

Veterinarian or Humane Society

Other parts of the Pet Community including veterinarians and the humane society can access the parts of PetLicense.Online they need to work with the community.

We’re Waiting To Help You

Pet licensing compliance might be low in your municipality because of a lack of awareness or convenience. See how we can help with both while saving you hours of effort.

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